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How To Deal With Mechanical Parts Machining Surface

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Machined surface roughness is too large and too small will not wear. CNC machining surface roughness is too large, the actual pressure of the contact surface increases, rough convex peaks bite each other, crack, cut off, so wear intensifies;

On the other hand, the machining surface roughness is too small, will also lead to wear intensification. Because the surface is too smooth to store lubricating oil, it is not easy to form an oil film between the contact surfaces, and it is easy to occur molecular bonding and aggravate wear. The best value of CNC machining surface roughness is related to the working condition of machine parts. When the load increases, the wear curve moves upward and to the right, and the best surface roughness value also moves to the right.

What errors and wear are there in machining tool manufacturing? Let's get to know:

1) the dimensional accuracy of fixed cutting tools (such as drill, reamer, keyway milling cutter and circular broach, etc.) directly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

2) the shape accuracy of the forming tool (such as forming turning tool, forming milling cutter, forming grinding wheel, etc.) will directly affect the shape accuracy of the workpiece.

3) developed tools (such as gear hob, spline hob, gear shaper tools, etc.) CNC machining edge shape error will affect the shape accuracy of the machined surface.

4) general tool (such as turning tool, boring cutter, milling cutter), its manufacturing accuracy has no direct effect on the processing accuracy, but the tool is easy to wear.

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