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Advancements in Thread Processing: Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Powder Metallurgy"

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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a versatile manufacturing process that combines the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the material strength of powder metallurgy. MIM is capable of producing complex shapes and high-precision components, including threaded parts. This report details the methods, advantages, and applications of thread processing in MIM powder metallurgy.

Methods of Thread Processing in MIM

  1. Direct Thread Molding:

    • Mold Design: Threads can be directly molded into parts by designing the threads into the mold. This process is suitable for both internal and external threads. High-precision molds are required to ensure the accuracy and quality of the threads.

    • Thread Core Pins: For internal threads, thread core pins can be used. These pins are inserted into the mold, and their threaded shape is transferred to the part during injection molding. The design must ensure easy removal of the molded part from the mold.

  2. Post-Sintering Machining:

    • While MIM can mold threads directly, sometimes secondary machining processes, such as turning or tapping, are performed after sintering to achieve higher precision and surface finish. This approach ensures that the threads meet stringent tolerance and quality requirements.

  3. Thread Rolling:

    • Thread rolling is another post-sintering method used to form threads. It involves rolling the surface of the sintered part with a threaded rolling die. This cold-working process enhances the surface finish and strength of the threads.

Advantages of MIM for Thread Processing

  1. High Precision:

    • MIM can produce high-precision threaded components, making it suitable for applications requiring strict tolerances and superior quality.

  2. Complex Shapes and Integrated Designs:

    • The MIM process allows for the design and production of complex geometries and integrated designs, including internal and external threads, in a single manufacturing step. This reduces the need for assembly and lowers manufacturing costs.

  3. High Production Efficiency:

    • MIM is ideal for high-volume production of threaded parts. The process enables the efficient manufacture of small to medium-sized components with consistent quality.

  4. Excellent Material Properties:

    • MIM components typically have higher density and superior mechanical properties compared to those made by traditional powder metallurgy. This makes MIM suitable for high-stress and high-strength applications.

Applications of Threaded MIM Components

Threaded components produced by MIM are used in various industries, including:

  • Automotive Industry: Engine and transmission components with threaded connections.

  • Aerospace Industry: High-precision, high-strength threaded fasteners and connectors.

  • Medical Devices: Surgical instruments and implants requiring complex shapes and precise threads.

  • Electronics: Small, precision threaded components for connectors and fasteners.


Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an effective technique for producing high-precision and complex threaded components. By leveraging direct thread molding, post-sintering machining, and thread rolling, MIM can meet diverse threading requirements while maintaining excellent material properties and production efficiency. The ability to produce intricate and high-quality threaded parts makes MIM a valuable process for various industrial applications.


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