Transmission Gear Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear Transmission Gear


Transmission Gear

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  • 4.5

  • Φ14.6 x 9

  • Ferrous Based Metal Powder

  • Power Tool


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Product Description

Product Name: Transmission Gear

Unit Weight (g): 4.5

Dimensions(mm): Φ14.6 x 9

Material: Ferrous Based Metal Powder

Application: Power Tool

Component Type: Structural Parts


MIMO applies advanced metal powder injection technologies of Singapore, and has an engineer team with more than a decade of working experiences in MIM products, professional technical talents, and complete set of microcomputer-controlled professional production equipment: Material mixing and granulation equipment: Material mixer, automatic material mixing and graduation machine, and dual-screw extruder; Injection and molding equipment: At present, the Company has 13 sets of injection machines, including 3 sets of 50t machine, 7 sets of 80T machine, and 3 sets of 150T machine; Degreasing equipment: 4 sets of solvent degreasing furnace and 2 sets of catalytic degreasing furnace. Vacuum sintering equipment: 8 sets of vacuum sintering furnace, with annual treatment capacity of 120t metal powder, and production capacity of around 1000000 products per month.

- Powder Mixing and Granulation Equipment: automatic machine with batch-mixing

and granulation, leaging automatic machine with batch-mixing and granulation company own make quality steady continuously

- Injection Molding Equipment: company has 26 sets molding machine with various power,meeting the demand of producing

- Debinding & Sintering Equipment: Company has 9 sets sintering furnaces imported from Japanand domestic, 10 sets debinding furnaces, consuming about 150 tons of raw metal powder and producing 5,000,000 pcs of metal parts per month.

- Mold Workshop & Equipment: CNC, surface grinder, standard flat grinder, CNC EDM machine tool, milling machine, turret milling machine, laser welder, vertical boring and milling machining center, mechanical rocker, drilling machine, CNC lathe.

MIMO's products do not only serve customers all over China, but it also provides MIM products for more than 40 countries and enterprises in the World, including the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan and so on.
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