Shaft Of Notebook Shaft Of Notebook
Shaft Of Notebook Shaft Of Notebook
Shaft Of Notebook Shaft Of Notebook
Shaft Of Notebook Shaft Of Notebook
Shaft Of Notebook Shaft Of Notebook


Shaft Of Notebook

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Shaft Of Notebook

  • 1.59

  • 29.93*6.4*4.7

  • Ferrous Based Metal Powder

  • Notebook


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Product Description

Product Name: Shaft of Notebook

Unit Weight (g): 1.59

Dimensions (mm): 29.93*6.4*4.7

Material: Ferrous Based Metal Powder

Application: Notebook

Component Type: Structural Part

Parting and Witness lines

The parting line is the witness line left on the parts that is where the sprue side (also called the A side) and the ejector side (also called the B side) of the molds meet. The customer should be made aware of the location of the parting and witness lines for MIM component design and function. Cosmetic and functional requirements may help guide parting and witness line locations. The parting and witness lines can be minimized by post sinter polishing operations.

Witness lines will be evident on the parts wherever there are moving or stationery pieces of steel (slides, ejector pins, core pins, inserted areas) that meet when the mold is closed for the molding process.

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