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The Effect Of Precision Technology On Precision Machining

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Current precision parts have strict requirements for precision, precision machining if adhering to the traditional technology, in this market will only appear more and more difficult. For example, aluminum parts processing, it is very easy to find suppliers for products with no requirements for accuracy, but for products with requirements for accuracy, it will not be able to find a suitable supplier for a while.

Precision technology has become an indispensable skill for precision machining enterprises. To deal with high precision precision parts, really can not do without it. The competition of the future industry will eventually fall on the competition of ultra-high precision. Therefore, the market prospect of precision technology is absolutely immeasurable.

Precision machine tool is the technical carrier of precision parts processing. Initially, the technology was used in cutting-edge defense applications. In the world market, ultra-precision technology is also banned by western countries for export. The research and development of high-tech products cannot be separated from precision machine tools. Therefore, China insists on strengthening independent research and development, so as to avoid the critical moment when the Western countries are in our neck.

In addition to the social benefits of increasing international power, the research and development of precision machine tools has huge economic benefits. As we all know, this kind of machine tools are expensive to develop, take a long time to develop, and each machine is worth millions of dollars. We can develop our own, so we won't have to rely on imports any more and can save a lot of foreign exchange. Moreover, if you estimate the annual value created by each precision machine tool in precision machining, all the investment is worth it.

Today, precision machine tools have entered the field of ordinary precision parts from the national defense science and engineering, aerospace. High precision aluminum parts processing that cannot be achieved before is not a problem today. The emergence of precision technology not only improves the level of precision machining, but also provides the overall level of industrial processing in our country.

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