E-Cigarette Metal Part E-Cigarette Metal Part
E-Cigarette Metal Part E-Cigarette Metal Part
E-Cigarette Metal Part E-Cigarette Metal Part


E-Cigarette Metal Part

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E-Cigarette Metal Part
  • 0.175

  • 11.9*3.3*6.91

  • Stainless Steel Powder

  • E-cigarette


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Product Description

Product Name: E-cigarette Metal Part

Unit Weight (g): 0.175

Dimensions (mm): 11.9*3.3*6.91

Material: Stainless Steel Powder

Application: E-cigarette

Component Type: Structural Part


MIMO owns advanced Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology (MIM) technology and surface treatment ability. The electroplating, heat treatment, fine grinding and CNC workshops with perfect facilities enable us to well control the full process of from product design to finished product generation. We hammer at using MIM technology to produce small-sized and three-dimensional metal structure parts with complicated shapes and high performance, and thus to provide powerful support for customers to enhance their competitiveness in the market continuously.


● Is the metal melted during the molding process?

No, only the binders are melted allowing the powders to flow like a plastic material. Upon cooling the binders solidify giving the part strength for handling. The part must be subsequently sintered to high density to achieve the required mechanical properties.

● What kind of tolerances can MIM achieve?

Typical MIM tolerances range from ± 0.3% to 0.5% of the dimension. However, tolerances are highly dependent upon product geometry. Tolerances beyond what MIM is capable of are achieved by post machining operations. MIMO is committed to finding the best solution for our customers to meet their requirements.

● How long have MIMO been producing MIM parts?

We are highly experienced in the manufacture of MIM components as we have been a MIM supplier since 2006 and our Senior Engineers have been involved in developing metal injection moulding processes for over 30 years.

● Does MIMO make their tools in house?

Yes, we design the tools in house on our AutoCAD based system and build the tools in our fully equipped, well maintained tool room. The tool comes with a lifetime guarantee so all maintenance and repair is carried out at our cost.

MIMO's products do not only serve customers all over China, but it also provides MIM products for more than 40 countries and enterprises in the World, including the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan and so on.
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