Card Slot Of Moile Phone Card Slot Of Moile Phone
Card Slot Of Moile Phone Card Slot Of Moile Phone


Card Slot Of Moile Phone

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Card Slot Of Moile Phone
  • 0.87

  • 29.6*14.81*1.01

  • Stainless Steel Powder

  • Mobile Phone


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Product Description

Product Name: Card Slot of Mobile Phone

Unit Weight (g): 0.87

Dimensions (mm): 29.6*14.81*1.01

Material: Stainless Steel Powder

Application: Mobile Phone

Component Type: Exterior Part


MIM technology, also known as metal injection molding, combines two technologies: injection molding (known from plastic injection molding) and sintering technology.

Due to the implementation of high geometrically complex requirements already in the production process, this technology is referred to as a near-contour manufacturing process.

In this molding process, fine metal powder and thermoplastic polymer resin are mixed in order to obtain a sprayable granulate, the feedstock. The green body obtained in this way is released after cooling in order to detach the plastic. The resulting component, also known as brown body, has a porous surface and is therefore sintered just below the melting temperature.

The advantage of the MIM process is the diverse selection of shaping options and materials. MIM technology is particularly suitable for the production of small and medium-sized metal parts of complex geometry in medium and large series.

While in other processes several components have to be produced separately and assembled to form a component group, one component can be made in one piece in the MIM process. Also bores, threads, undercuts, engravings, and much more can be produced in one production step.

MIMO's products do not only serve customers all over China, but it also provides MIM products for more than 40 countries and enterprises in the World, including the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan and so on.
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